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imageedit_7_9058942586 The Inventor of Acronetics, Ronnie C. Wright has correctly predicted every presidential election since 2000. He predicts Trump will win based on his WRIGHT ACCELERATIONS METHOD that reflects what he coined VOTE > Value Offered Through Expressions  activated by 13 words that make up the ACCELERATIONS METHOD.

1              (A)merican

2              (C)harismatic

3              (C)ommanding

4              (E)nthusiastic

5              (L)eader

6              (E)nergetic

7              (R)elevant

8             (A)ttractive

9            (T)hinker

10         (I)nspirational

  1.   (O)pen
  2.   (N)atural
  3.   (S)piritual


Accelerations are calculated by comparing the percentage of the positive expressions to negative expressions provide by 50 female votes and 50 male voters.

An electoral accelerations analysis (or accelerations) shows the intent of choice in voter support, particularly after the first debate, expressed as a positive or negative percentage. A higher positive is an indicator of a choice in the electorate’s preference between the two presidential candidates.  Accelerations in this case are calculated for the general election as a whole.

Note: Ronnie C. Wright is known as the world’s first acroneticist and inventor of acronetics and the accelerations method.

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